Friday, April 20, 2012

Hoot the Owl

You might remember at the beginning of the year we started Chloe on a chart to stop her sucking her thumb?  Well she finished the chart with great success and earned herself a bike but to be sure that she was not going to suck her thumb again (because she did do it a few times while on the chart) we started her on a second chart.  This chart lasted MUCH longer than the first because although she didn't suck her thumb the whole time she was on the chart we got slack and unless she reminded us to mark her chart we often forgot.  But we did get there eventually and the reward of her choosing was this hoot the owl softie that I sewed up for her.

She loves him!   He is actually the third one I have made now.  The first was a birthday request for one of Chloe's cousins before hoot was actually available as a toy.  The first two had the legs and wings made from felt but after having one returned with unrepairable holes in his legs that had to be cut off and totally replaced I used orange homespun for Chloe's version ( and because the homespun was much thinner than the felt  I added light iron on pellon to the inside of the wings). 

The following photos are for the family so feel free to tune out if you wish.

Chloe had her very first pony ride at a local school fair.  She has so much fun and was very brave! Sarah was given her hat to look after during the ride


Cullis Family said...

Sarah looks so cute in Chloe's hate. Lucky Chloe having a horse ride.

Sarah said...

Good idea about the chart. I bet Cloe did keep you guys on the straight and narrow lol.....
Cute softie too!
Oh, and that hat on Sarah.... Too cute!
x Sarah

Anonymous said...

nice idea.. thanks for sharing.

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