Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Where I Now Sew

I LOVE sewing but must admit I have found it difficult since having Sarah to manage to find the time to do it.  To top it off I now no longest have a dedicated sewing room for my work and am often sewing on the kitchen table which means that while I am sewing we either live in a mess (you know how messy sewing can be - fabrics, threads cutting equipment and dust everywhere) and I have to pack up or move things so I can still cook tea without the accidental splash of spaghetti sauce bubbling onto the fabrics or quilt blocks as it cooks destroying all the work I had put in.
(This photo was taken after a good clean ;p )
With that said I am super excited to say I have managed to complete 2 1/2 quilts (my mum had already sewn 1/2 of a 'Best Friends' quilt up in 'Delighted' fabric by The Quilted Fish for Riley Blake).  I worked like crazy to meet the time I had arranged with my wonderful quilter and was stoked to complete them all in time to be all be taken to her.

I did have to order some extra fabric for the border which arrived just in time to finish the quilt from Sisters & Quilters.  I have ordered from them before and they always give FANTASTIC service.
I am so excited to see them quilted in a few weeks!  Sarah my quilter always does such a wonderful job! 

And what did I do for the few days after delivering the quilts you might ask?  CLEANED :)  Seriously the jobs around the home just seem to multiply when you don't do them when you are meant to!
What happens when left for 1/2 hour while I sew - there is more mess cut out of the picture :s

Now to work on finishing writing a new pattern, making what I hope are the last edits for another and spending some time with my beautiful girls.  What do you have planned for your time?

 Do you have a dedicated sewing space or use the kitchen table?

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Nettie's Blog said...

that is not a mess..that is a loving sister playing with her baby sister...
good on mum helping with the sewing...i love the quilt and the materials...
now you can get some drafts drawn up for Kelv!!!!!!then you can have a sewing room!!!!

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