Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Pinterest finds: Wood

Often if the blog has been quiet for a bit it means one of two things:
I am sewing or
I am spending time with my family doing ...stuff. 

Either way one place you can often find me is pinterest.  I find it such a fantastic source for ideas and inspiration and best of all I can 'pin' while I am cuddling my baby when she is cranky from teething (when will these teeth come through?!).  Here are some cool wooden finds i have stumbled across.

I love the way the wood has been re purposed to create such beautiful ornaments.

I wish we lived in Washington so I could get some of Kaleo's beautiful designs!  He studied here in Tassie and is such a great guy (and his work is impeccable!).

To see what I find interesting and what is inspiring me check out my pinterest boards.

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