Sunday, July 8, 2012

Happy Mail.

Don't you just love it when anything other than bills arrive in the mail?  I know I do!  And my favourite kind of mail is fabric :)  (Big surprise hey?!)  So when this gorgeous Riley Blake fabric arrived I just had to share.  Isn't it beautiful?  It's Bohemian Festival by Lila Tueller.  The colours are vibrant and fresh - nothing less than you would expect from Riley Blake fabrics

 After admiring it... for longer than I should have I have hit the sewing machine to do some 'work' and absolutely love how this quilt is coming together.  The fabric is so soft and wonderful to work with.
What am I sewing you might be wondering? Well I am retesting a pattern I showed earlier on the blog and hoped to release at Sydney AQM but my littlest princess (a mummies girl) has slowed progress a bit because she has been 'a normal baby' and still wakes numerous times through the night, has reflux and is super clingy to mum so sorry to say although I love my job, being a mum is my first and best job at the moment (I digress).  I wanted to retest the pattern to be sure all the kinks are ironed out before releasing it - and I wanted Bohemian Festival to be the fabrics used for the quilt cover. 

Hubby was awesome on Saturday and took the girls for 5 hours to give me some uninterrupted sewing time and I made some good progress.  Fingers crossed the girls will be kind to me this week and allow me some more time to sew and hopefully finish the quilt top.


miamihoney said...

YAY for sewing time. Good luck with a finish. Love the fabric too.

Nettie's Blog said...

that little normal princess is just too cute.... loved having my cuddle yesterday (with both of your little princesses) good luck with the sewing cant wait to see the result XXXXXXXXXXX

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