Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Australian Quilt Market

Well what an amazing weekend I have had!  For the past little while I have been sewing samples and writing/editing patterns to be released at the Australian Quilt Market in Melbourne.  I must admit I was especially excited to attend this year as I am feeling more comfortable doing the whole market thing and given that I was sharing a booth with my pattern distributor the wonderful Creative Abundance team meant I didn't have a whole booth to fill (although I could easily do that with the size of my quilts ;p) and I didn't have to process all the orders meaning less work for me, yeah!  Hubby even decided to surprise be by coming too so we could have some time together for a change.  He was also the muscle helping to construct shelves and hang my quilts for display.

The other SUPER EXCITING part for me was knowing that the lovely Cindy from Riley Blake Designs and her beautiful daughter Riley would be in attendance.  (You might remember six months earlier I met Bret from Riley Blake at AQM Sydney?)  I was terribly nervous to meet them both (I'm sure they could tell in my voice) but they are so incredibly sweet and friendly!   

It was wonderful to be able to show them some of the things I have created with their beautiful fabrics and be able to get to know them a better.  Check out their booth - all you would expect from Riley Blake Designs - Fabulous!   

Now every pattern designer has their favourite fabrics and products to use but for me I LOVE Riley Blake fabrics (they kinda got me hooked on All Star at the beginning).  I love the quality, feel, designs and colours of their materials which is why many of my designs are made using their fabrics including my latest designs.  I can't recommend them enough!

At Quilt Market I released two new patterns which I will spotlight in the next few days:  Carnival made from the Pieces of Hope fabric range by The RBD Designers which also has been to the American Trade show with the Riley Blake crew (still spinning from the thought that they used my quilt in their beautiful displays).

And Balancing Elephants, which is a childrens messenger bag, which includes three variations all using Riley Blake fabrics and Sew Together Ric Rac.

It was a great show and I was able to meet all the Creative Abundance crew Jodie from Ric raC, Claire from Matching Pegs, Rosalie Quinlan from Rosalie Quinlan Designs, Melly from Melly and Me, Simone of May Blossoms and Fiona from Two Brown Birds).  I will give you a tour around out booth later too!  I was also able to catch up with other lovely friends like Gail Pan, Sue Daley, Katherine from F.D Textiles, Lenora JenkinsNikki Tervo and very briefly Natalie Lymer.

I had a blast though was glad to return to my two sick babies who were being lovingly cared for by my wonderful mum - thanks heaps mum!


Lisa Prebble said...

Glad you had a fabulous weekend Clare!

The Kings said...

It's all another language to me as I have no clue who you are talking about, but it sounds exciting (if you are into quilting :) and your booth looked great once again.

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