Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Australia Day

This year for Australia Day we decided to do something we dont normally do - go blueberry picking.

The day was mostly overcast - perfect wather to go berry picking in my opinion (not too hot).  On the way there Sarah fell asleep (surely it's not comfortable) and we managed to transfer her into her pram without waking her up which meant a relaxing time berry picking for us.

I say this because Sarah is a very active little princess and HATES to be 'trapped' in a pram for more than a few minutes and to be honest a pram doesn't contain her for long.  She has worked out how to stand up and step out of the straps - even though they are on the tightest setting!  Sarah stayed asleep until we were almost done picking but when she was awake her sister felt she needed some berries (despite the fact that she was told the sign said no eating).  When she was told she couldn't have any sarah wasn't impressed!
Chloe had one blueberry in each side of her cheek  when I cought her in the above photo :s

After blueberry picking it was off for a picnic lunch of chips and a bike ride.

Along the way we came across a rhino! ;p
Then it was time to go home to bag up the blueberries and finish the day with pancakes topped with yoghurt, blueberries and strawberries (the strawberries were from our local farmers market - they are so delicious!!!)

 We had such a great day together as a family!  I cant wait to go blueberry picking again next year!

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