Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Starting School

Like many other mum's I sent my little (Big) girl off to school for the very first time this week.  It was a little scary knowing that she was old enough to go to school but also exciting because I knew she would have a blast and love it! 

My princess is a very sociable child and loves to be doing new things and is always on the go so school for her was an exciting journey.  We did our best leading up to her going to make suere she knew it was a wonderful and positive place to go where she could learn new things and make new friends.  On her first day my mum looked after the baby in the family (although she is not really a baby anymore) so that I could give her the undivided attention she needed when going to school. 

Her first day went off so wonderfully smooth (which I think is a big part of why I am so excited for her to go to school - knowing that she will have a great time, make new friends and not be homesick or wanting mum).  I am a little sad knowing my baby is all grown up but she has made it much easier on me adjusting to the new routines.  To be honest too - it has been the best thing for me as it has forced me to get more organised and try and set better routines at home (and get ontop of the work and housework while I only have one princess to contend with at home ;p).

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Holli said...

My little one went to Scotch last year, it is just so lovely. It's great to see them interact with other little ones and watch how much they learn! Even better that she was ready and excited to go!!

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