Tuesday, February 19, 2013

A Quilt for a Friend

Recently a friend of mine was given the terrible news that she had cancer. 

Knowing it was going to be a long road ahead and how 'sterile' and often cold hospital rooms are my sister, mum and I wanted to make her something that could keep her warm, lift her spirits and let her know we are thinking of her and what better way than with a quilt right?!

With my sister sussing out her favourite colours and choosing a pattern ('So Sweet) we set to work raiding the fabric stash to make the quilt. While we used the so sweet pattern we did juggle fabric placements for each block in order to get the most from the fabrics we had on hand (we had some larger pieces and some quite small pieces to incorporate).  Purple is not a colour I  have much of in my stash so we also ordered some stars and chevron from here to help get us through.

Then it was sent to my amazing quilter Sarah who was a powerhouse and got it back to me in a week!  AMAZING!  We choose the same paisley that Sarah used on the first So Sweet quilt but this time opted for looser quilting so it would be nice and soft to snuggle under when undergoing treatments or feeling low.

My mum machine bound it before we made a quilt label and gifted it to her.

It was so nice to make this quilt together for our dear friend and hope she can feel of our love for her as she  faces this trial with positive determination.


Cullis Family said...

That's so sweet of you guys to make her this beautiful quilt!

Claire - Matching Pegs said...

It's lovely Clare,

A beautiful and thoughtful gift.

Sandy M. said...

It's a lovely thought and a lovely quilt Claire :)

The Kings said...

It's beautiful. I'm sure she loves it :) Such a nice idea.

Sarah Lizzie said...

What a lovely gift Clare. Such a colourful and pretty quilt....it will wrap your friend's heart with a giant hug, not to mention making that sterile hospital ward sing!!

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