Friday, August 16, 2013

'Our Little Bird Family' - A New Pattern!

I am excited to announce another Quilt pattern release.  This one is called "Our Little Bird Family' and was actually first appeared way back in January 2012 when it made it to the cover of Homespun Magazine  (Happy Dance).  With all the overcast raining days we have been having (here anyway) this is the perfect project to stay indoors and make - and then snuggle under when it is complete :). 

I decided that when I 'officially' released it as a pattern I wanted to remake it in some new fabrics and offer a slightly different applique and stitchery panel to what first appeared.  That is the beauty of this pattern.  I have designed it to represent YOUR family so you can change the birds and or flowers to suit your individual tastes.  You could even just use all birds or all flowers what so ever your heart desires it is your choice.!  Pretty neat hey?!

The photos of the quilt are kind of sentimental!  You see the sewing machine?  (Beautiful Hey!?)  Well that used to be my grandmas who has since passed away.


She loved to sew and was so supportive of anything we did and especially loved all things arts and crafts so I thought it only appropriate to have a little bit of my grandma with 'Our Little Bird Family' quilt.

“The family is one of nature’s masterpieces” - George Santayana
Everyone belongs to a family whether it is big or small whatever your family size, this quilt is designed to be a personal reflection by simply adapting the appliqué and stitchery templates.  Family can be the ones that uplift and strengthen you in tough times and enjoy the happiness in the fun times so why not make this quilt about those you love to snuggle and enjoy together? 

I will be back later with more photos of this quilt made in different fabrics and a GIVEAWAY so stay posted!

Fabrics:  Avignon designed by Emily Taylor for Riley Blake Designs.
To get the same fabrics I used to make this quilt head on over here .


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