Monday, August 19, 2013

Snow Trip

We have been promising our eldest a trip to the snow since before school holidays.  Well school holidays came and went with no trip to the snow.  Instead our Saturdays were filled with other commitments (mostly church related) and because of the times of those we were not able to go.  So last Saturday we made it Family only day and no matter what other commitments arose we were going to ignore them and make good on our promise to our daughter.
The day was overcast and drizzling but there was snow on the mountains so I dressed the girls in leggings under their pants, packed gloves, jumpers, jackets, plastic bags (to keep feet dry) changes of clothes, body boards, carrots, chocolate and food (all the essentials ;p) and off we went.

 Lucky for us the girls were happy to watch a movie in the car on the way and a beautiful rainbow came out for us to enjoy.  We also passed a big Tassie Devil and had to take a photo as Chloe had only just learnt about them at school.
When we reached the snow we decided not to go all the way up to the top of the mountain.  The girls didn't care how much snow there was and because they had never seen snow before so any was good to them.


There was enough to be pulled along on the body board, throw snow balls and make a snow man (the reason for the carrot) so they had a ball. 

Sarah of course was never far from the food ;p and was really funny saying "owww" every time she touched the snow because it was so cold. 

She also spent much of the time slipping over.  
Chloe was all over the place, throwing snowballs, climbing mountains, and having a blast.  Despite my efforts she wouldn't put on her jumper or coat but moved enough to keep warm without it.
We had a wonderful day and when asking what was the best part of the day Chloe replied "EVERYTHING!".  I am sure that snow trips will become an annual outing :)    

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Looks like a lovely outing!

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