Thursday, September 12, 2013

Star Tag Toy Tutorial

I recently made a new baby blanket (very soon to be released!) and wanted to use up some of the left over fabric so decided to whip up this easy little tag toy.  It is so quick and easy to create and makes for a great handmade gift.  Toni from Make it Perfect kindly allowed me to use her little cutie Harvey as a model for my photo shoot and he just makes everything so much cuter (or maybe its just him ;p) either way 

Approximately 10 assorted ribbons and ric rac 2" -3" in length each
two, 9" squares of scrap fabric  (I used 'Super Star' available here)
toy fill
2-3 bells/rattles (these are optional!  Warning can be a choking hazard if not enclosed in toy properly)
sewing machine
Star template - download here

Place star template on top of the wrong side of one piece of fabric.

Trace around the outside edge of the star template, transfer markings. 
Place two pieces of fabric right sides together. 
Fold ribbons/ric rac in half (right side facing outwards) and position around the edge of the star markings as desired BETWEEN the two layers of fabric.  Make sure the ends of the ribbon extend beyond the lines as so it will be caught when stitched (see below for example - but remember to place the ribbons between the fabric NOT on top) 

Pin ribbons and fabric layers together making sure you leave a gap for turning and stuffing.

Sew the star together 1/4" inside the markings, using the star outline as a guide.  Reinforce the start and end of stitching (opening) by back stitching. 
Trim fabric to 1/4" outside the seam and clip corners so they turn easily.

Turn the star through the opening.

Using chopsticks to push out the fabric in the points to get a nice finish.  (I carefully used scissors instead of a chopstick)

Part stuff the star with toy fill, making sure it gets to the ends of the star points.  

Put (optional) bells or rattle in the centre of the toy and continue to stuff with toy fill until it is filled as desired.

Slip stitch the opening closed.  

It is now ready for little hands to play with :)   

 See I told you he is cute! :)

TIP:  You could make the toy slightly larger by stitching directly on the line instead of 1/4" inside.  You will need to make sure that the fabric extends 1/4" or more beyond the line markings so as the toy doesnt come apart when stitched.

Now the not so fun stuff:  Feel free to make and  sell items made from this tutorial provided:
  • The item is made by you and you alone.
  • Items cannot be mass produced.
  • You give credit to the designer Clare Horsman on either the swing tag attached to the item (for instance at a market) or in the item listing if you are selling online. This must include a direct link to where this tutorial can be viewed.
  • Re-sale and/or distribution of pattern pieces and instructions is expressly prohibited.
    The pattern and tutorial (Star Tag Toy) was designed by me Clare Horsman and is copyrighted 2013. It is illegal to distribute this pattern electronically or in hard copy without my permission.

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