Thursday, October 10, 2013

Which one do I choose?

I have just spent the day taking photos of a current pattern in the works called Gridlock (final editing in the process).  I have a slight dilemma.  Which photo do I use? 

 this one (1)?

 or change the placement of the 'Gridlock' blocks to the bottom (2)?

How about in an archway (3)?

Again changing up the second image (4)

 or on a tree(5)? 

  and just to make things really complicated...
Do I just use a single image?


 Any suggestions would really help!  In the mean time I will ask all the family ;p
Okay back to editing the pattern.


Lisa Prebble said...

I like number 2, but I also like the way you have put the patterns on an angle on 4's sidebar. I'm not much help really :) The quilt looks fabulous...well done!

The Jacks said...

Hi Clare :) Love the pattern.
I think that B is my favourite, then number two with the pattern at the bottom :)
Good luck deciding :)

Anonymous said...

The photos turned out well Clare

Sarah said...

I think A is my favourite. I don't think you need a close up of a row as you can see it from the full shot. Number 2 is my favourite with the close up. Totally love this quilt!

Kris said...

Love the pattern Clare. I really like photos 2 and B. Have fun deciding :)

The Kings said...

I like number 2 and B. I would probably prefer B over 2

Maxi said...

Like no 2 best and then tree very creative Clare

Anonymous said...

The new quilt is amazing Clare!
I love it by itself without a side panel - I think you can see the detail enough in the main shot. Perhaps a close up panel on the back of the pattern with the fabric requirements??

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