Wednesday, December 1, 2010


Okay the much awaited post…AQM!!! To sum it up..I had a BLAST. It was so much less daunting than I had thought it would be and I met some wonderful people.

So why did I go? (aside from checking out the latest fabrics to be released) I mostly went to decide whether to exhibit next year and what I need to take and do to prepare for it. After speaking with some wonderful designers I am much more confident to just go for it (we will just see how the year pans out between now and then).

Anyway I am sure you are wondering who I met and what the stalls were like? Well… there were heaps of FABULOUS DESIGNERS such as Saffron Craig, Melly (Melly and Me), Gail Pan and of course lets not forget Toni (Make it Perfect) to name a few. It was speaking to Toni and finally remembered to take a few photos (Sad hey? I had to travel all the way to Melb to catch up with someone I see back home.) Toni was showcasing 3 NEW patterns along with sneek peeks of her beautiful hardcover book which has now been released.

While I was in the creative Abundance booth I also had a chat with Gail Pan and Melly. They were both so very lovely. In this photo Melly had to bend down to my level as I’m short (thanks Melly!).
I had to get a shot of the beautiful Don’t Look Now quilts. The quilting is so incredible (such great eye candy but something I will never get time to do).

While I was at AQM I was inspired by some upcoming fabrics and came back with 10 new ideas for projects. Saffron Craig has some divine fabrics coming out (and already out) – I love, love, LOVE one of the lines coming out next year so hopefully I get my current projects out of the way before then to free me up to work on a new design to use her fabrics.

So there you go. I hope I didn’t disappoint. For me I am mostly done with my Christmas shopping, as we have a family get together this Saturday as most of hubby’s family is going to be away for Christmas, so we are celebrating early (Nothing like two Christmas celebrations). I hope to be not so long between posts next time. :s

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