Friday, September 16, 2011

Computer Crash

I am writing this post from my sisters laptop because my poor laptop has seen better days.  At the moment the poor thing crashes 2 minutes after starting it up.  It has served me well - it was a second hand computer and has been gradually getting slower and slower over the past 6 months.  I was hoping that it would hold out until next year but unfortunately that was not to be the case.  Lucky for me I have been backing up my work on a separate hard drive but time away from my computer is quite tough at the moment as I have patterns to write and edit, a blog to update and emails to reply to.  So if you find my blog a bit quiet you know why :s  HOPEFULLY things will get back on track soon and I can update you with the latest happenings at Clares Place.  Until then rest assured I am  (and have been) busy sewing, writing and testing patterns, having fun with my little girl and am still very much pregnant (3 weeks to go).  You may have even seen some of my work in the latest Homespun magazine?!  I will share more about that later - I am very excited about it!!! :)

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