Thursday, September 8, 2011

Cooking with Grandma

My little Chloe girl LOVES to cook - particularly if she knows that something sweet is going to be the result of the cooking.  Sometimes her 'helping' can be quite frustrating like the time I was making packet mix macaroons and ended up with meringue mix ALL over the kitchen.  Most of the time however I am excited that she is happy to try some homemaking skills (she is an outdoors girl).  The other day she wanted to make chocolate men biscuits (cookies) that she had made before at playgroup.  I don't have fancy cookie cutters (just circles) so I gave mum a call to see if we could visit for a cooking lesson and soon after we were on our way to make the chocolate biscuits.
Chloe even cracked the eggs to make these biscuits (I usually crack them for her and then have her add them - less mess for me ;p )

She rolled out the dough
cut out the men
Checked to see if the chocolate tasted okay to use ;p and decorated the men
And finally they ended up like this - a delicious treat for her to eat, fun time spent with grandma and memories made. 

Having Chloe cook with her grandma reminded me of the fun times I had as a child cooking with my grandma.  What are some of the fun things you used to do as a chlid/ or do now with your chlidren?   

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Launceston Weeden Family said...

Yum yum yum! So we can expect a little mini master chef in the making, Chloe looks so professional with her rolling pin! I use to LOVE eating my Gran's yummy jelly slice, sad things is I never got to make it with her but I have found a recipe similar!

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