Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Balancing Elephants

One of my patterns that I love stitching up at the moment is the 'Balancing Elephants' messenger bag.

I think because it is such a wonderful quick sew (by comparrison to quilts)!  I have a few elephant panels already traced and because they are nice and small I can take them almost anywhere to sew while I am waiting for Chloe to finish swimming, at the doctors or watching TV (but not during The Block - that gets my undivided attention ;p)

Anyway I just wanted to share my latest made from Emily Taylor's Avignon line of fabric which I got from here.  I just love this fabric line!  It is bright and I love the citrus colours and the refreshing...blue (surprise surprise hey?!)

I also uses Riley Blake's Mini Pom Pom trim which I got from the same place here. 

I love how different the bag looks when sewn in alternate fabrics don't you?!  Have you sewn the Balancing Elephants Bag?  Do you have any photos you would like to share of this or any of my other patterns?  I would love to see them :)

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