Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Our Easter Friday

This Easter was not your typical Easter for us as a family because hubby was away from us.  He spent the Easter on what us Tasmanians like to call 'the mainland' while we stayed in Tassie.

This year for Easter Friday hubby's side of the family organised a fantastic day at Bakers Beach.  I had never been before so when it was suggested that we would be going for a walk and have a BBQ I envisioned I would be trying to carry all the equipment required for the beach along with the picnic gear and possibly the littlest princess (maybe both).  This was not the case (although I did carry the littlest princess on our walk as she became exhausted from walking and eventually fell asleep in my arms.  The BBQ area was right next to our cars and we had an awesome grassed area to ourselves for most of the time so the kids were able to have a blast collecting the little eggs scattered around on the easter egg hunt.
My mother in law had come prepared with 'minute to win it' games for us all to play most of which I had never seen before but they were loads of fun for adults and kids alike.

There was a marshmallow game where you use chopsticks to transfer as many mini marshmallows as possible from one plate to another in a minute and the winner is the person who has transferred the most marshmallows.

There was a smarties game where you use a straw to suction the smarties up and transfer from one plate to the next finishing by making a smiley face.
A balancing dice game where we needed to balance as many dice as possible on an icy pole stick in your mouth without dropping them.

A knocking down the cup game with the aim being to be the first to knock the cups over in your row using a trunk made from a tennis ball inside a stocking and put on your head.
A biscuit (cookie) game where you had to get the biscuit (cookie) from your forehead to your mouth without using any hands  (no photos of this one sorry).
We had so much fun despite the weather becoming quite cool and not making it to the beach.  I can see more trips to Bakers Beach in the future :)



Farm Fancies said...

Sounds like great fun. I've linked this post to a thread in the Down-to-Earth forum as the games would be great for kids parties. Hope this is ok and tell me if it's not so I can rectify it. Thank your MIL for such wonderful ideas and tell her I wish I'd had a treasure of a MIL like she is :).
Robyn xo

Nettie's Blog said...

oh wow such beautiful day at the beach with all those you love those games for the kids ...have been looking fro some for our Family Fun Night on the 27th Minute to Win It challenge ..these will be GREAT...thanks Clare XXXXX

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