Thursday, November 18, 2010

Bubbles & Ruffles

On Saturday I was able to get some more photos of my quilt and have now got some good photos to share (I am not a photographer by any means!). It was another overcast day so the water was not as beautiful and blue as I wanted but the sun did peek through a little – just enough to get what I needed.

And so I bring to you:

Bubbles and Ruffles

I LOVE this new quilt. (It’s my new favourite – how many favourites can a girl have?!) What do you think?

‘Bubbles & ruffles’ employs a trapunto method that adds dimension to the raw edge appliqué bubbles. Beautiful ruffles or jumbo ric rac give a chic look making this a modern, fresh and fun quilt to make and enjoy.'

I made the green and blue quilt a little while ago (which I love – blue is my favourite colour) and decided to have it made again (by mum) in a different colour scheme and alternatively uses ruffles instead of the ric rac.

I love the bright summer colours in mum’s version. When I first saw it finished I have to admit I was starting to lean towards liking hers more! :s

I am sure no matter what colour you choose for your quilt you will be impressed by the stylish modern design and may even want to take it everywhere!

For the back I pieced together some left-over fabrics to make it reversible.

The blog will be a bit quiet as I am off to the AQM for the weekend :)


jaynec said...

Photos look good Clare - enjoy quilt market!

make it perfect said...

Clare - this quilt is unreal!!! I love it heaps - well done :)

Aimee said...

I love these clare... hope you had a great time at the quilt market!

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