Friday, November 12, 2010

Sneak Peek

Life has been slightly crazy of late and filled with ups and downs but let’s just talk about the exciting things.
The other day I headed to Port Sorell to take some photos of a new quilt I have designed and made. Unfortunately the weather wasn’t the best and it was overcast, so I wasn’t able to get any photo’s that showed the full potential and do the quilt justice - sigh.

This pattern has been some time coming and sorry to say you have to wait a little longer. The blue/green one was made and quilted a little while ago but I decided to have a second made in a different colour - oranges and yellows and has a slightly different feature (thanks mum!). I will be doing another photo shoot soon when the weather is better and then be able to show you more than just a sneak preview.


Tanya said...

ooh, love the look of those ruffles!

Chelsea Parsons said...

too sunny is always my problem Claire but when someone has a wedding on a beach there int nothing I can do!!!!! Love overcast days! Quilts look great. Still thinking about that fudge!!!! YUmo!

Launceston Weeden Family said...

Looking forward to seeing more pics when the weather is better, but what I see so far looks lovely.

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